About Runnymede

The exact site of where Magna Carta was signed in 1215 remains a mystery, but the meadows beside the Thames at Runnymede is the general consensus. The Magna Carta was the first recorded attempt in history to establish basic human rights and forms the basis for the constitutions and statutes of every country in the English-speaking world. To think it all began here in unassuming Runnymede!

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Waterview Offices in and around Runnymede

22 Thames Street,
Lower Sunbury,
Upstream Offices, TW16 6AF

93 Station Road,
Upstream Offices, TW12 2BD

568 London Road,
Upstream Offices, TW7 4EP

84 Heath Road,
Upstream Offices, TW1 4BW

61 High Street,
Upstream Offices, TW11 8HA

1 Chertsey Road,
St Margarets,
Upstream Offices, TW1 1LR

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